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Mélange is a mix. We mix together.

Mélange is a platform operating at the intersection of culture, community and commerce. Headquartered in New York, features a mix of emerging brands, individual designers and private label jewelry of Melange & Tailored piercing service. 



Borderless & 


We are a creative community who believes challenging convention moves culture forward, so we use our platform to amplify the voices that are changing the way we see the world and grow together.

Tailored Piercing Service 

Everything starts with a single stud.

Our mission for piercing is to provide upscale piercing service along with high quality jewelry from jewelry selection to find the perfect placement by the clients' anatomy. 


Private Label: MéLANGE

All Mélange's piercing jewelry & sterling silver jewelries are meticulously designed in New York for every gender, to match the modern living. We also create timeless 14k piercing jewelry using precious gemstone including VS quality diamonds. Our goal is expanding its design spectrum from jewelry box staple basic pieces to limited collaboration pieces.

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